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FMB: Flat Modular Barrier SAMSON™: Modular vehicle barrier PYRAMID – Bi directional vehicle barrier MVB 3X™ – Modular Vehicle Barrier MVB-II – Modular Vehicle Barrier – II HERCULES 100: Heavy Weight Modular Vehicle Barrier Safe Haven Bed UVIS: Under Vehicle Inspection System Steel T Walls Armored Security Safes Mobile Ramp for uploading containers Fortified Front Line Posts Front Line Logistics & HR Center Garmoshka: Mobile Concealment Wall Fortified Windows Improving External Fortification Armored Heavy Doors & Gates Foldable Car Safe Fortified Check Point Body Guard Pro: Single-Personnel Guard Post Mobile Clinics Mobile Kitchens Armor for Tractors 3 in 1 Folding Structure SMVB: Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier Turtle: Fortification Kit Beaver: Personnel Protection Post Mercury Fences & Smart Barriers Spikes: Extendable spiked barrier MFP: Modular Fire Protection Airport Security Low Pressure Chamber Weapon Unloading System Dry Storage: Humidity Controlled Facilities Guard Post Body Guard: Single-Personnel Guard Post BVB: Burried Vehicle Barrier Protective Wall MBP: Modular Ballistic Protection Phalanx: Modular Ballistic Partition System Scarlet: Bulletproof Protective Shield IMPS: Indoor Modular Protection System MVB: Modular Vehicle Barrier Carmen: Crowd Control & Vehicle Barrier MFS: Modular Fence System Dune: Barrier Concrete T Walls BPC: Building Protection Coat Sky Guard Hammer: Multipurpose Container Based Hanger Merav: Multi-Layer Portable Shelter MBS: Mobile Ballistic Steel Shelter MBS: Mobile Ballistic Concrete Shelter OBS: Organizational Ballistic Shelter HBS: Home Ballistic Shelter ResCube: Indoor Protection System ESR: Expandable Safe Room Gabriel: Command & Control Module MSC: Multipurpose Security Container Check Post: Fortified Check Point Mantis: Guard Tower Milennium: Guard Tower Ami / Tami: Combat Post / Guard Tower Ramgan: Guard Tower Shark: Guard Tower Priest 4000: Guard Tower Infrastructure Protection Fortified Container

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