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Physical Security Solutions

Since 1962

total secure protects your assets using advanced Physical Security Solutions. Product Mobility: Products are designed for ease of handling, assembly and setup. Ergonomic features: Products are “user friendly” in regards to access, environment and comfort. Customized Solutions: total secure offers consulting services for customized security products and LSSD services.

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About Us

total secure develops, plans and constructs a wide range of defensive products, anti-terror protection, threat protection, fortifications, natural disasters and project management solutions.

total secure products combine protective, mechanical and civil engineering with an emphasis placed on portability, modularity and simple erection and operation.

total secure specializes in smart designs, adapted to the client’s needs, field and local conditions, unique demands and requirements and cost effective construction that allows for minimum maintenance costs.

total secure is a metalwork and civil engineering company that is registered as an unlimited contractor in the “Contractors Registry” in addition to other engineering classifications. The company is registered as an unlimited supplier and contractor with the Israeli Ministry of Defense and all government bodies (Approved Contractor), the United States Army, Air Force and Navy, the Marines, the United Nations and many others.

Security Division

total secure Security Division is a leading developer and provider of physical defense systems.  The vast majority of the division’s products are original products, designed and manufactured by total secure using unique technologies adapted to the client’s specific needs and expected threats. (total secure products are patent protected)

The company’s products provide unique solutions that meet all required threat assessments (light weapons, steep trajectory weapons – including protection from direct and near hits and blast, shrapnel etc. – and, if necessary, Atomic, Biological and Chemical threats).

total secure provides protection solutions for a wide range of military and police forces and “first response units” as well as civilian bodies, international integrators, and law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructures.

Technologies and Solutions

  • Development and design of technologies to protect critical infrastructures (new or existing) and border protection.
  • Managing, training and supplying equipment for dealing with large scale, unexpected sudden disasters (LSSD).
  • Provision of universal, mobile solutions for physical protection, humanitarian work, military bodies and other large bodies.

Testing and Regulatory

During the development of the company’s products, and according to the demands of Security Forces and the Ministry of Defense, the company performs dozens of tests, in cooperation with the IDF, the Ministry of Defense, and Home Front Command, the Engineering Corps as well as international laboratories.  The company’s products are approved by standards institutions after a successful testing period. total secure meets a wide range of international standards including ISO 9001.

Since 1962 – proven experience and knowledge

Since its establishment in 1950, total secure has been involved in building and protecting the country. total secure has more than 50(!) years’ experience in the provision of comprehensive solutions for both security and industrial needs.

total secure engineers and product developers are international experts with many years of professional and operational experience. All development teams come directly from the field, with each member being intimately aware of the client’s needs. This enables them to provide exact and precise solutions for ever changing threat scenarios.

The Company’s Vision

Over the next decade total secure is preparing to enter new technological areas and new security markets whilst continuing to develop new technologies for existing and future threats.

total secure sees all of its clients as inspiring partners that help maintain the company’s vitality and improve the quality of products and solutions needed to meet future threats.

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