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Ami / Tami: Combat Post / Guard Tower

Fortified, movable combat post used as a check point and/or observation post.

Used by the US Army
Cat. No. BMFR-052

Available in two models:

  • Ami – Ground based, moveable fortified post.
  • Tami – Moveable, fortified observation tower.


  • 360° field of view
  • Fortification according to threat definition
  • Easily accommodates 3 soldiers with full combat gear
  • Firing slits in external wall that open and close as needed
  • Can quickly be placed at the top of a tower or roof of a building
  • Improved acoustics reduce gunfire noise inside the cabin
  • Location is easily changed to maximize operational usage
  • Many different types of spotlights
  • Can be air transported by helicopter or cargo planes

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