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Armored Heavy Doors & Gates

Construction and installation of heavy doors and gates for specialized facilities to protect from heavy threats such as shrapnel, explosions, blast, weapons fire, Chemical and biological threats, car ramming, cold and hot intrusion, fire and more.

Cat. No. BMFR-209

total secure designs and/or produces physical fortification including heavy gates and doors with a weight of tens of tons as well as fortified mechanisms against a wide range of threat scenarios.

In projects such as these, total secure also constructs and installs the lifting equipment and all associated equipment required. These combine civil and electrical engineering, air conditioning, communications systems, structural frameworks, artisan frames, artistic frames, mechanics, welding and special cutting.

To execute these projects total secure uses specialized equipment that ensures a perfect level of execution whilst meeting the challenges of transportation and installation.

All projects are executed according to ISO9001 standard and specialized quality assurance programs while preserving information security and appropriate security classifications.

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