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Carmen: Crowd Control & Vehicle Barrier

The perfect combination of a vehicle barrier and a crowd pressure barrier that prevents access by hostile crowds and vehicles but allows access for authorized personnel, and vehicles.

Cat. No. BMFR-025

The ultimate dual usage integrated barrier for blocking roads and against rioting crowds and hostile vehicles

The barrier is a combination of the MVB used to stop vehicles and the pressure barrier (MCCB Modular Crown Control Barrier) used to control large crowds. It is designed for use in combat zones as well as civilian uses to protect entry and protected areas.

How does it work?

Like the MVB, the barrier stops vehicles by transferring their horizontal momentum into vertical momentum which is then transferred, via the barrier’s base, into the ground. However, unlike the MVB, the barrier is also designed to stop crowds by using the weight of the people to prevent them from overturning or removing the barrier. The barrier’s L shape increases its ability as both vehicles and crowds standing on its base fix it firmly on the ground making passage difficult, other than jumping over it.


  • Modular barrier – barrier sections can be connected
    in any required length to create a barrier that is
    perfectly adapted to block any route or road and any
    vehicle type quickly and with no special requirements
    or infrastructure.
  • Assembly is simple and easy – takes just a few
    minutes and needs no special tools
  • Its location is easily changed as needed
  • No maintenance


  • US Air Force
  • Prime Minister’s Office

Dimensions of a single unit
base length 2.5 m.
width 0.6 m.*
height 1.2 m.
weight ~150 kg.

* Any number of units can be connected to achieve the desired barrier width.

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