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Dune: Barrier

Universal barrier consisting of rolls of steel netting and geotechnical fabric or a rolled metal, galvanized and painted envelope – sand filled – and used for borders, vehicle barriers, preventing access and isolating threat areas and check points.

Cat. No. BMFR-112

Dune is a modular system for building barriers using reinforced steel netting or, in its other version, galvanized steel cells. The Dune barrier is a universal, portable and easily installed barrier in any field conditions and prevents access by vehicles, people, motorbikes, animals and more.


  • Any filling material can be used – dirt, sand, rock etc.
  • The Dune can be emptied (metal version) and easily transported to a different location – reusable.

The Dune barrier is available in 2 models:

1. Netting & strengthened geo-technic cloth

Made from galvanized, corrugated, painted steel net and geotechnical fabric – with floor. The fabric model is provided flat and takes up almost no space. It is easily deployed within a few minutes by just two soldiers.

2. Metallic

Made of galvanized and painted corrugated metal – no floor. The metallic model in supplied only in 40 cm rolls. the rolls are easily transported and deployed by two soldiers in just a few minutes.

Equipment needed for installation

  • Manpower for unloading
  • Where sand is not available, crane truck and bigbags with sand
  • Where sand is available – digger, mechanical shovel, bulldozer

Netting and fabric section
Diameter 1.5 m.
Height 1 m.
Weight ~5 kg.

Metallic section
Length 1 m.
Width 1 m.
Height 1 m.
Weight ~48 kg.

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