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ESR: Expandable Safe Room

Folding, steel, fortified structure provides protection from weapons fire, blast and shrapnel.

Can also be used as a safe room against kidnapping, theft, forced entry, and terror attacks.

Effective protection, lightweight and quickly installed.

Tested and approved by security experts after a series of experiments

A revolutionary product for protection from terrorism

Day-to-day: takes up almost no space. The folded ESR takes up only 25 – 50 cm. (depend on model) of one of the walls, is almost unnoticeable and doesn’t disturb day-to-day life. Can be hidden with a curtain or cupboard.

In an Emergency: in just a few minutes you are protected.  Opened by one person, simply, easily, immediately and fast and provides total protection in just a few minute.


Suitable for any location – inside or outside

  • Children’s rooms
  • Storerooms and sheds
  • Offices
  • Public buildings, embassies.
  • Apartments
  • Rented buildings
  • Listed buildings
  • Can be installed in vans and trucks


  • The ESR can be supplied with manual or automatic opening mechanism. At the touch of a button on a remote control the safe room is available for use within a few minutes.
  • Bulletproofing is hidden within the walls according to threat assessments and the allowed weight of the unit. (Lightweight protection using complex materials is more expensive than heavy fortification).
  • Transforms any storeroom or shed into a fortified room.

Simple, fast & easy installation

Arrives in sections and can be installed quickly. In just one working day you have a folding safe room (can be purchased as a complete unit). During installation, whether inside or outside:

  • No need to replace doors
  • No need to replace windows
  • Doesn’t require neighbor’s approval
  • The ESR can be installed in any room – in an old building or a new one
  • The ESR can be dismantled which makes it suitable for rented properties
  • The ESR can move with you to a new home and can be bought or sold separately

Wide Range of Threat Solutions As required by the client

  • Forced entry, theft, and kidnapping
  • Terrorist attacks (optional)
  • Protection from gasess at factories using hazardous materials and disaster areas
  • Heavy missiles and blast damage in existing buildings
  • Earthquakes in existing buildings
  • Bulletproof
  • Chemical & biological/dangerous gases and materials

ESR Dimensions*
Length 1.8 m.
Width 1.9 m.
Height 2.05 m.
Weight ~1,350 Kg.

*All dimensions can be changed.

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