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FMB: Flat Modular Barrier

Drive over, anti ramming vehicle barrier. Multipurpose, portable, fast deployment, light weight, Sutiable also for urban areas and hot zones.
A MUST for every perimeter security professional

To learn everything you need to know about the Flat modular barrier and to become an expert at stopping ramming vehicles Dial (+1) 571 276 3349 now and let our expert explain how to achieve it.

Multi terrian asphalt & gravel
Tested & Approved
ISO 9001:2008
ASTM 2656-15 - Tested at 2,300 Kg @ 48 Km/Hr
PAS 68 - Tested at 2,500 Kg @ 48 Km/Hr
CAGE/NCAGE Code: 2561A
Since 1962

Features of the Flat modular barrier

  • Drive Over folded barrier
  • Physical barrier that prevents cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles and
  • ATVs from breaking through
  • Patent Pending technology transfers momentum of vehicle to the ground
  • Flexible length – individual barrier units fit together to suit varying
  • vehicle and road sizes
  • Safety lights and signs
  • Basic color: Gray – adaptable as per client request
  • Assembly team:  1 person
  • 222 KJ Energy Absorption  – Equal to 29 Concrete block of 1M³ (2.4 Ton) Movement  for 1 Meter Distance

Advantages of the Flat modular barriers

  • Cost – effective
  • Effective against wheel protection
  • Assembled in minutes – no tools required
  • Folds for easy and efficient storage
  • Transportable by plane, helicopter, small pick-up truck, jeep, station wagon, boat, etc.
  • Lightweight – can be easily and quickly carried and switched from one location to another
  • Zero maintenance
  • Zero breakdowns

Approvals and Standards

PAS 68 – Tested at 2,500 Kg @ 48 Km/Hr
ASTM 2656-15 – Tested at 2,300 Kg @ 48 Km/Hr
222 KJ Energy Absorption – Equal to 29 Concrete block of 1M³ Movement
for 1 Meter Distance

Optional ADD-ONS

  • Vehicle penetration distance can be reduced even further via ground anchors
  • Carrying case

Dimensions (single FMB unit):

Length: ~140 cm [~55”]
Width: ~16.5 cm [~7”]
Height: ~100 cm [~39”]
Weight: ~33 kg [~73 lbs.]

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