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MBP: Modular Ballistic Protection

Multi-layer, modular protection system for critical building systems, protects troops and equipment in the field – an easy and efficient protection solution quickly assembled by troops in the field.

Cat. No. BMFR-080

Multi-layer, modular protection system that protects vulnerable structures and infrastructure, troops, vehicles and equipment from a range of threats. The system is designed for fast assembly by troops in the field and makes it possible to quickly deploy a protected space in different sizes and configurations – with or without sand/dirt and without using heavy mechanical equipment.


  • Fast assembly of fortified spaces in the field.
  • Installation is fast, easy and simple (only four main installation elements, beams and protective panels). No need for specialized installation or assembly equipment or special skills – can be assembled with no tools available manpower/troops – the perfect solution for troops at the front.
  • Can be assembled in a range of sizes and configurations. Designed for use in different situations.
  • Protective panels can be adapted according to threat levels – the greater the threat, additional panels can be installed as needed.
  • Easily and conveniently transported. Can be moved using trucks, trailers and tenders.
  • Can be transported by air, sea, parachuted etc.

Protecting a wide range of installations

  • Temporary positions including installation on roofs and inside buildings.
  • Communication and message hubs.
  • Command and Control posts.
  • Ammunition dumps.
  • Front line medical installations.
  • Front line logistics installations
  • Fast protection for existing buildings (rooms, conference and exhibition centers) both inside and out, and according to threat assessment.
  • Specialized, critical infrastructures (computers, fuel and water taps etc.)

A solution for a wide range of threats

  • Light weapons – up to and including 0.5 in. armor piercing, hand grenades, petrol bombs.
  • Mortars – up to and including 120 mm, direct hits and near misses.
  • Medium and heavy rockets – up to and including 122 mm. (direct hit) and 302 mm. (near miss).
  • Deflects and stops RPG shrapnel.
  • Mortar shrapnel up to 120 mm.

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