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Phalanx: Modular Ballistic Partition System

A mobile and modular partition protection system for fast fortification and ballistic protection.

Optional extras: Can be upgraded to provide additional protection as required by the client.
Cat. No. BMFR-075

The Phalanx makes possible the assembly of a moveable, modular wall (partition) for fast protection and ballistic protection.

The Phalanx is designed to be used in rapidly changing and unpredictable situations and conditions.

It enables the provision of a secure route of any size required – its height, length and direction can be altered at any given moment and according to the environment and developing situation.

Designed for a wide range of clients

  • Military combat units
  • Civilian security forces
  • Personal protection units
  • Event organizers
  • Ships (pirate protection)

Solutions for a range of threat scenarios

  • Light arms fire
  • Shrapnel
  • Includes UV protective padding


  • The system requires very little storage space.
  • Does not degrade and can be stored for long periods.
  • No special storage requirements – can be stored in a regular office, in the field, on ships, in vehicles etc.

Dimensions – basic unit*
length 2 m.
width 2 m.
height ~22 kg

* The system is modular. The Phalanx can be purchased in any size required.


  • Fast and easy assembly and dismantling – no screws.
  • Easily transported using a small commercial vehicle.
  • Modular.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Aesthetic finish as specified by the client.

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