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Shark: Guard Tower

Multi-purpose guard and sniper tower whose canopy can be opened instantly for rapid response.

Cat. No. BMFR-056


  • Routine: the tower provides a comfortable, insulated and air conditioned work environment.
  • In an emergency: Using a unique mechanism, the tower’s canopy lifts up within 1.5 seconds allowing the operator to surprise hostile elements with an immediate, rapid response from within the tower.
  • The tower provides a 360° field of view and a 300° field of fire. It provides a range of solutions as specified by the client.
  • External lighting for use at night.
  • and civilian organizations for a range of threats.
  • The Shark’s unique canopy/window opening system can be purchased separately and installed in existing structures.

Length 1.7 m.
Width 1.7 m.
Height 2.2 m.
Weight 1,450 Kg.

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